About Us

The Korona Laboratory is a company of the Luft family: father Andrzej Luft (Ph. D. Chemistry) and two sons, graduates of Biology and Chemistry. The company has been in the chemical industry for over 100 years. The last years of the Luft family are studies on electrochemistry, ozone, chemical analysis, and ozone technique. We are assisting numerous ozonists in Poland and Europe with knowledge about ozone. We rely on our own technology - steel and platinum lamps. Ozone as a highly oxidizing molecule removes: bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. It is used for disinfection, sterilization, etc.

Recent years of Korona Laboratory is a study on the dissolution of ozone in liquids, mainly oils. Due to its binding properties with fats, ozone creates ozone which releases oxygen in reaction with water. Our Ozonated Oils are produced by barbotage - bubbling. Barbotage is the process of gas (ozone) absorption by a liquid. This process is carried out by using a diffuser made of stainless steel or glass in steel or glass tanks, using the cold and warm method. All accessories and generators used for oil production are produced by ourselves on the basis of our own research and technology. The flagship product of our company is Ozonated Olive Oil. The production of Ozonated Olive uses Cretan olive oil (imprined from Greece, extra virgin, cold pressed). Olive Oil, according to our research, is the oil that is best associated with ozone.

Our company is currently the largest producer of ozone oils in Poland:
-Ozonated Olive Oil, imported from Crete, Greece. Extra Virgin, cold pressed.
-Ozonated Sesame Oil, imported from India, the highest quality oil from roasted sesame seeds.
-Ozonated Sunflower Oil, imported from Bulgaria and Russia, cold-pressed.
-Ozonated Grape Oil, Polish production unrefined cold pressed highest quality oil.

We are able to undertake the ozonation of each oil, liquid - we carry out expertises, research.

All our products have a reproducible, analytically confirmed concentration of 1,2,4 trioxolane (ozone). The Ozonated Oils produced by us have the following certificates:
-QMSCERT Certificate.
-REACH Declaration.
-Certificate of Conformity.
-Safety Data Sheet.
If you need other certificates - our laboratory will do them without delay.

We invite you to order samples.